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Anheuser Busch - Budweiser Zero

As former craft beer enthusiasts, there was always some gatekeeping that occurred whenever "big beer" breweries came into the conversation. Large breweries bought out some smaller craft breweries, which most of the time led to a perceived drop in quality. However, in the non-alcoholic beer market we don't have the luxury of gatekeeping anyone. There aren't that many non-alcoholic offerings so it's in our best interest to try them all for our audience. Enter Budweiser Zero. Without going into the details, we'll say this: It's the best non-alcoholic beer we've ever had. It has the absolute best balance of flavor and it's highly drinkable. Give this beer a chance and be converted.

Appearance: It's just like a light lager in appearance and in carbonation. Pouring it out center glass is fine, but we suggest you drink it straight from the bottle.

Smell: Malt and hops, in other words beer, is the only thing that invades your olfactory senses. Budweiser Zero smells just like a regular Budweiser would. There's absolutely no difference.

Taste: Here's where things get difficult for us. How to describe the taste of a cold, refreshing non-alcoholic beer that contains all the characteristics of it's alcohol containing cousin? We'll say this then: for all intents in purposes, if you were blind tasting Budweiser Zero we guarantee you could not tell it apart from regular Budweiser. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences.

Marketing: The white and silver label with the prominent "zero" gives this non-alcoholic beer a certain level of sophistication we can't quite explain. Think of a car that is pearlescent white. There's a difference between the perception you would have of a car of this color vs one that's just the regular old base white. That difference in perception, that alternative feeling is what this label conveys.

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