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Athletic Brewing Company - Run Wild IPA

The Athletic Brewing Company makes a delicious non-alcoholic IPA. Full stop. We've been sampling a plethora of diverse non-alcoholic offerings and their Run Wild IPA is so far the leader in the non-alcoholic IPA race. At least as far as our taste buds go. This almost zero IPA hits all the right notes. It has a pleasant, hop forward bite and finishes with a very subtle malty smoothness along with a slightly bitter tang. The flavor is nothing short of uncanny. Similar to our review of Budweiser Zero, we'd challenge anyone to a blind taste test and dare them to identify this non-alcoholic IPA among alcoholic ones.

Appearance: Deep gold colored hues permeate radiantly from the glass when poured into a pint glass. A light foam head forms and entices the pourer to indulge in beery goodness.

Smell: Bright hops along with a subtle malt sweetness are predominant. A slight citrus smell that lets you know just how refreshing that first gulp is going to be be.

Taste: Like a true IPA, this non-alcoholic version is hop forward. It has a bright, citrusy presentation that gives way to a very slight malty sweetness and tinge of bitterness on the back end. It's no where near as sweet as the Sam Adams non-alcoholic hazy IPA we reviewed.

Marketing: The mix of blues and rolling hills on this can made us think of a beachside town with rolling hills. This accurately reflects Oceanside, our hometown, so it struck an obviously nostalgic nerve. The can art just exudes "chillax", no affronting artwork or in-your-face messaging. It invites you to take a sip and let out a content sigh of satisfaction.

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