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Belching Beaver and Karl Strauss Collaboration - High Expectations Hazy IPA

Belching Beaver and Karl Strauss have teamed up to provide us with High Expectations, a dank-but-deliciously-smooth 6.7% ABV hazy IPA. Both Belching Beaver and Karl Strauss have recently produced some exceptionally delicious hazy IPA's. It stood to reason that with their powers combined, these breweries would be able to summon a beer without rival. High Expectations definitely meets these lofty forecasts. It delivers on the play-on-words dankness from its label without overwhelming the palate. That's always a win in our book.

Appearance: No doubt of the haziness of this IPA. It's murky pale orange hue enticingly invites you to dive into it's hoppy embrace. It's forms a thin-to-medium foam head when poured, with large, separated bubbles that dissipate rather quickly.

Smell: With what you've been reading, did you expect anything but extreme odorous dankness? The funny thing, is that the hops aren't just an overwhelming intrusion into your nostrils. The hops are there, standing proud, but they don't shove their fingers up your nose and jiggle your olfactory senses around.

Taste: It's difficult to describe this beer. It's not an upfront giant wave crashing on the shore and dragging you along hit to your taste buds. Rather, it's more like a modest 3-foot wave made of danktastic hops. The wave slowly reaches the shore and slightly coats the sand as it extends towards you. When the wave reaches your toes it tickles pleasantly; and a deep, content sigh escapes your lips. You feel just fine being right where you are, and you raise your beer to toast away the summer.

Marketing: The can art is a nod to our favorite stoner duo Cheech and Chong. As fans of Up in Smoke, we couldn't help but chuckle. Both characters on the can are holding joints, so the ode is quite clear. We might be stating the obvious, but the beer is dank you see, like cannabis can be. The bright green tones of the beer art correctly identify the delicious dankness contained therein.

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