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Belching Beaver Brewery - Hazers Gonna Haze

Belching Beaver has recently announced the 6.6% ABV Hazers Gonna Haze as their staple hazy IPA. The can states that Hazers Gonna Haze will be a year-round offering whose taste profile will change as new hops are used throughout different batches of this beer. Being cooped up allows us more time to ponder, and we wonder if this particular pathway they are choosing will resonate with customers. When it comes to consumers, we gather most folks would rather have a good, stable, quality product that they can rely on, rather than a "let's see what we get this time" approach. With that being said, this particular batch of Hazers Gonna Haze was pretty...*puts on sunglasses* damn good.

Appearance: One thing we're certain of, is that this beer is hazy. It unabashedly flaunts its pale golden hue in your face and invites you to jump into juicy hazy IPA nirvana. It forms a nice, thick head when poured that sits nicely on top.

Smell: Hoppy and delicious citrus notes waft enticingly from this beer. It smells exactly like you think it's going to smell after you see it being poured. The hop smell is strong, but not overpowering.

Taste: Let us tell you, this particular hazy IPA is no slouch when it comes to flavor. But in true Belching Beaver fashion, it provides a ton of palate upfront, which then gives way to the bright hops that round out the beer. It finishes off semi-clean, with some lingering bitterness that's not unpleasant.

Marketing: Everything about this beer was awesome except for the can. The design of two rat-like, barely distinguishable beavers, with one pouring a beer on top of the other was perplexing to say the least. Yeah we get it, one of them is being "hazed", but we think there were other ways that Belching Beaver could have this designed this can to be more in line with their other offerings.

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