Belching Beaver Brewery - Pay Czech Pilsner

This has been the summer of beer for Belching Beaver. Granted, it's walking distance from us, however they've been pouring their hearts out lately. Almost weekly we're getting a new beer from Belching Beaver. It's been hard to keep up! This time around, Belching Beaver went away from IPA's and instead foraged into the pilsner forest to deliver Pay Czech Pilsner, a malty and refreshing 5.2% ABV Czech style pilsner. to those of you that live here, you know that in Southern California our hottest months are currently upon us. Chill this beer in an ice laden cooler and bask in it's malted splendor.

Appearance: A deep golden color pours from the can. It's amber notes are actually reminiscent of IPA's, and it forms a loose head that dissipates quickly after being poured.

Smell: In a welcome change of pace. The primary smell is malt, with a very slight hops back end. The malt conveys a sweet, bread-like smell, that is pleasant to the nose.

Taste: The assumption is that this beer can be enjoyed in various stages of temperature. Most beers shouldn't be enjoyed ice-cold (unless they have "light" at the end of them). However, this beer holds up well to frosty temperatures. As it warms up, the malts are a little more pronounced and a little sweeter, which in our opinion adds to the complexity of the beer's flavor.

Marketing: Pay Czech (pay check, get it?) Pilsner has a funny play on words, and an even funnier can design. The monumental Belching Beaver holds up a beer in one hand and a sack of money in the other. The can art also contains a wraparound of beaver bucks (copyright pending), and definitely lets you know there's a high-end pilsner contained therein.

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