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Belching Beaver Brewery - Swerve City POG IPA

Belching Beaver over in Oceanside CA recently re-released their ever so popular 6.6% ABV Swerve City POG IPA. This beer is a summer brew collaboration with The Deftones. The Swerve City POG IPA is a tropical blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava. The POG IPA is definitely a refreshing start to any weekend. Yes, we know it's a Thursday, but we promise we won't tell. To accurately describe this beer, imagine a 8 foot kiddie pool in your porch or backyard filled with water. You then place your Tommy Bahama beach chair inside it. You're wearing a big, floppy sun hat, some laid back shades, and a bright Hawaiian shirt. You couldn't BE more summer if you tried. You crack open and pour a Swerve City IPA, you then realize just how awesome summer can truly be.

Appearance: When poured, this beer is strangely unassuming. It looks just like you'd expect an IPA to look. With some amber-gold hues, and a modestly formed head. It invites you to dive right in and experience tropical hoppiness.

Smell: A beer that markets itself as a POG IPA better have all those tropical smells upfront. Swerve City IPA delivers on that promise. The amalgamation of passion fruit, orange, guava, and citrusy hops waft up enticingly after being poured.

Taste: It's no surprise that passion fruit, orange, and guava radiate through the initial taste. The hops come after, breaking the sweetness with a sharp but dissipating bitterness that doesn't overwhelm the palate. The hops then step aside, and allow the oils in the orange to nestle in alongside it. You are all of a sudden looking down on an empty pint glass. A slight wave of disappointment hits you. Have no fear! These beers now come in four-packs.

Marketing: The 90's new wave aesthetic is a fun color palette and definitely fits the summer beer waiting for you inside. For whatever reason, it reminded us of Save by the Bell. We can imagine Zack Morris sitting down on a beach somewhere in SoCal, sharing a sunset along with a Swerve City IPA with Kelly Kapowski. It's a rather specific daydream, but man does it put a smile on our face.

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