• Nick Mazmanian

Belching Beaver Brewery- Tiki Fractals Hazy IPA

Belching Beaver Brewery in Oceanside, CA, isn't afraid of making a beer that is a bit odd and may not appeal to absolutely everyone. Tiki Fractals, a 6.6% ABV hazy IPA, is made from a mixture of mango, passion fruit, and pineapple, and it is over-the-top lovely. As a beer, we enjoyed drinking this hazy because the flavor notes are just the proper balance of juice, malt, and hops. Built for those coming summer months, you should crack this tall can open with friends around a fire pit whilst having an assortment of grilled goodies; maybe someone will break out the guitar and sing off-key 90's ballads as the night air turns chilly and the fire reduces to embers.

Appearance: Unlike other hazy IPA's, there's a surprise inside this drink as you'll notice tiny particulates suspended in a golden cryogenic liquid. The particles are not the result of lousy filtering, but instead, they're from allowing bits of the fruit to remain in the drink so that they continue to enhance the beer's flavor long after the brewing process. The pour forms a nice head, which isn't too thick or lingering.

Smell: Fruit and hops are the first thing you'll notice in this IPA. They are prevalent and pleasing as they invoke memories of tiny umbrellas and fruity cocktails on a beach of memory's past. Whether the beach existed or not didn't matter, point is, you want to be on one when you drink this beer.

Taste: We cannot drive home how much the fruit is the main attraction in Tiki Fractals. Unlike other fruity beers, the fruit is not a simple add-on, but rather it is integrated fully into the hazy IPA. Since it is a hazy IPA, you will find the flavor has an even keel to it and isn't going to destroy your mouth with bitterness after a few sips.

Marketing: We love what Belching Beaver does with their beer can art as they are always calling back to their mascot, the humble beaver, on every can. The flavor here makes us want to have the tiki beaver in our backyard as a decoration, and the addition of the fractals does hit the nail on the head. The fractals are even made from the fruit and hops that are in the beer itself. Super fun, and we very much approve.

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