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Belching Beaver - Non Visible Spectrum Hazy IPA

We tried Belching Beaver's Oceanside tasting room offering Non-Visible Spectrum Hazy IPA. It's a 6.5%, ultra-hazy IPA offering that is perfect for sipping on a cold winter's day. It would pair well with some Asian foods like warm pad thai or drunken noodles. We've had plenty of Hazy IPA's from Belching Beaver, and they just never seem to disappoint.

Appearance: True to its name, this ultra hazy IPA is so hazy it looks like orange juice. If orange juice formed a nice, thick head of foam like this beer. The pale golden color of this hazy IPA is inviting, almost cozy.

Taste: Fresh, citrusy hops come brightly through initially. They give way to a smooth mouth feel with no residual bitterness. There are tropical fruit hints throughout the experience that complement the hops nicely.

Smell: Imagine putting your face in a vat full of fresh hops. That pine and citrus smell hits your nose straight away. There are fruity notes that permeate throughout, which elevate the hop odor to another level.

Marketing: In this scenario, there was no can to talk about. However we really like the name of this beer offering. Non Visible Spectrum is a wonderful play on words that tells the taster exactly what to expect. We were happy that the name matched exactly with the product.

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