• Kasper

Belching Beaver - Peche a la Mode

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Belching Beaver's released this peach, vanilla, and apricot sour a month or so ago. We liked this sour as a palate cleanser after a heavy IPA or a flavorful stout. We also found that it's delicious with a light tasting protein such as pork tenderloin. It contains lactose, which contributes to its smoother mouth feel.

Appearance: An orange hue dominates this semi-cloudy sour. It forms almost no head.

Smell: Peach are the upfront notes, with a hint of citrus and vanilla.

Taste: It's a fruity sour that has bright citrus and apricot flavors, a subtle peach flavor, and ends with a slight, slight hint of vanilla. In my experience, it's considerably less puckering than Belching Beaver's other sour offerings.

Marketing: The name has a clever take on a popular (they're still popular right?) band name. The can has a bright orange design that draws the eye and matches the product contained within. While touted as tasting of a peach pie with vanilla ice cream on top, we found that the taste did not match the description.

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