• Nick Mazmanian

Belching Beaver & Revision Brewing - Melty Hops DIPA

Belching Beaver and Revision Brewing collaborated and made this 8.8% ABV Double IPA, and while it has a lot of the hallmarks that made these breweries stand out from the pack, some issues are stirring in this brew. Double IPA's are a tricky mixture as they could be a punch to the face with heavy hops, or they can be fruity and hide their boozy qualities for later, surprising you with a buzz two beers later. This particular DIPA is boozy by nature at the start, and frankly, it doesn't jive with the rest of the beer.

Appearance: Like a Brosif McBrohiem showing up to the party with a few racks of Natty Ices and three popped collars, Melty Hops is everything you expect to find with a DIPA. It's deep amber gold in color, transparent, and has a pleasant amount of head when poured correctly. That head will vanish fast, probably partly due to the high alcohol content.

Smell: The fragrance from this beer leans more toward a heft as its fruity notes are hidden behind a sheet of hops mixed with malt.

Taste: Here's where things go wrong, upfront you're hit with booze first, and then you begin to find the other notes of malt and hops. The hops in this beer are there, but the alcohol overpowers most of the experience and stays with you the longest. In many ways, the alcohol is like Gary, who is a good friend but crashes on the couch for far too long.

Marketing: If only the beer inside this can could match the art on the outside, it could have been so good. The Salvador Dali reference is fantastic and is my favorite part of this beer. It is playful, memorable, and as always carries the visage of the belching beaver that lives on every can they make. The branding is strong, but the product is only okay.

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