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Cerveza Fauna - Lycan Lupus IPA

Cerveza Fauna is a brewery located in the Northern Baja California city of Mexicali. The city is known for its Chinese cuisine as well as its beer consumption. There are multiple excellent breweries in the city, so if you're around those parts we'd recommend you visit a couple of them. Their Lycan Lupus IPA is a crisp and refreshing IPA. It's excellent with heavy meat dishes and it's also good with spicy foods.

Appearance: A clear, amber color of traditional IPA's. It forms a nice head when poured.

Smell: Strong and bright pine hop notes hit your nose immediately, a sweet and malty smell lingers afterwards.

Taste: Bright and bitter pine hops dominate the initial taste, then they give way to a crisp and clean mouth feel with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Marketing: The bottle has lettering reminiscent of another Northern Baja California beer company, Cervezeria Tijuana. Cervezeria Fauna has themes are animal centered (hence the fauna), and the werewolf is prominently noticeable on the label. The color scheme and images remind us of a forest, which goes well with the bright pine notes found in this beer.

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