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Harland Brewing & ARTIFEX collaboration - Hazy Double IPA

San Diego's Harland Brewing and San Clemente's ARTIFEX Brewing collaborate on this unique 8% hazy double IPA offering. Both breweries brought their individual interpretation of the Hazy IPA to create an interesting and delicious flavor combination. This double IPA was made to be enjoyed on fall and winter days with its hop and spice notes. It's a bold flavored Double IPA, that can hold its own against heavy and flavor intense dishes.

Appearance: It's definitely a hazy IPA with no visibility possible through the pour. It has a pale gold and pale orange hue, and it forms a nice thick head when poured.

Smell: Upfront, there is less of an intense hop smell and more of a hop and spices olfactory combination. We could smell ginger and nutmeg. There is also a slight alcohol smell to the beer at the end, which is common in double IPA offerings.

Taste: Here's where things get interesting. The initial taste floods your mouth with a citrusy hop flavor that has hints of alcohol in it. But that's where similarities to other Double IPA's ends. A spicy kick similar to the heat of ginger hits the back of the throat at the very end. It's wonderfully unexpected and cleanses the bitter taste of hops beautifully.

Marketing: The can falls in line with the rest of Harland's beer offerings. A clean and simple design makes this beer easily identifiable. The color is reminiscent of cloudy winter days, a perfect setting for enjoying this spicy double IPA.

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