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Harland Brewing & Horus' Aged Ales Collaboration - Export Lager

Harland Brewing from San Diego teamed up with Oceanside's Horus' Aged Ales to create their unique 6% ABV Export Lager. Now, we ask that you don't Drake meme at the mention of the word lager. This particular offering is quite possibly the best lager you'll ever taste. Gone are the days of the malty and bland tasting commercially produced lagers. Here to stay are the decadently crisp and palate pleasing craft lagers of fabled lore. This beer is will go excellent with your favorite Mexican or Asian dish. In our opinion, the spicier the better.

Appearance: A clear, sunset yellow pour that is deeper than conventional lagers is the immediate take on this beer. Lagers are usually pale straw yellow but this beer is definitely not. It's abundantly translucent, and it forms a thick foam head that dissipates rather rapidly once poured.

Smell: The traditional lager smell of malt is contemplated by the backend subtle smell of bitter hops.

Taste: The real McCoy right here. This beer hits you up front with the malty sweetness of traditional lagers, but then the hop bitterness shows up. It grabs the mic, sings a couple of songs, then leaves to a standing ovation. There is no malty aftertaste, no bitter hop aftertaste. Just a clean and refreshing mouth feel that completely floored us.

Marketing: A simple yet effective light blue can reminded us of the water in our San Diego beaches. It evokes relaxing in a hammock, drinking a cold glass of beer, and watching the clouds roll by without a care in the world.

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