Heineken 0.0 - Alcohol Free Beer

Welcome to our first non-alcoholic beer post. There are many more to come as long as breweries continue to make non-alcoholic beer offerings. The reason this Heineken beer was chosen as the very first non-alcoholic beer to cover, was simply a matter of chance. We went to the store, and looked through the non-alcoholic beer section and there was this Heineken 12-pack staring at us in the face. We picked up a couple of more offerings from different breweries and we'll cover those in the upcoming weeks.

Appearance: When poured, this non-alcoholic beer has the deep golden hue of a traditional lager. It created a large foamy top that quickly dissipated when the brew is poured directly into the center.

Smell: Sweet and malty are the predominant smells from this non-alcoholic brew.

Taste: The real reason any of you are reading this. It looks like beer, it smells like beer, but does it TASTE like beer. Well, the answer is yes. It definitely does. The hardest part of creating a non-alcoholic beer, in our humble opinion, is cutting the sweetness brought on by the malts with something other than alcohol. This beer accomplishes that fairly well. It's still on the sweeter side but it's not cloying, which means you can easily have a couple of Heineken 0.0 beers on a warm summer afternoon without feeling overwhelmed by the flavor.

Marketing: The can is distinguishable by it's mostly blue coloring with the traditional red star of Heineken smack dab in the middle as seen in the picture. The alcohol free part is barely noticeable on the lower part of the can and this is obviously by design. There's a weird social stigma about not drinking alcohol, and this can will allow anyone to hold the beer in their hand and "fool" people that they're joining in on the "fun". Ridiculous if you ask us, but whatever.

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