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Karl Strauss & Pure Project Collaboration - Murky Poetry Hazy IPA

Karl Strauss is a well known and well established San Diego based brewery. Pure Project is also a San Diego based brewery that was founded in 2014. Together, these breweries collaborated on an orange laden and refreshing 6.3% ABV Hazy IPA. We tried the Murky Poetry from both the can and poured from draft. This beer pairs excellent with spice-laden dishes, such as the turkey cotija burger, as it can hold its own against them without overpowering the dish.

Appearance: There's no doubt about this beer's haziness. As soon as it's poured, you can see (or not!) the gold-orange, foggy deliciousness of this hazy IPA. It's reminiscent of a glass of foamy orange juice. It forms a nice head that dissipates quickly after poured.

Smell: Orange fruit and citrusy hops waft through the initial pour. The orange fruit smell persists throughout the experience and we thought it was very reminiscent of orange juice.

Taste: This hazy IPA does not lack orange flavor. The initial taste is chockfull of juicy orange flavor and bitter, citrusy hops. The two similar flavors don't compete with other, rather, they elevate each other to a delicious amalgamation. There is a slightly thick mouthfeel, which goes inline with other hazy IPA's we've tried, but it's still smooth throughout. At the very end the hop bitterness comes through. It breaks through the sweet citrusy orange taste rather pleasantly. The residual taste is slightly bitter, it reminded us of orange peels.

Marketing: The can design is almost psychedelic in nature, reminiscent of designs found on other craft beer cans like Burgeon Beer and Modern Times. It's bright purple and pink, but we probably would have liked it better if there was orange mixed in there as well. The beer is more of an orange hazy IPA than anything else.

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