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Lagunitas Brewing Company - IPNA

Updated: Jun 8

The Lagunitas Brewing Company has long been a staple in the craft beer market. Based out of Pateluma, California it's no surprise that this beloved craft beer brewer made the leap into the non-alcoholic beer market. This non-alcoholic IPA has lots of hoppy flavors and slightly sweet caramel tones. It finishes with a very light, bitter tang reminiscent of a session IPA. It's also low calories (but not zero calories) which is always a welcome trait. Ultimately, it's an amazing choice for those who still want lots of flavor in their non-alcoholic beer and are looking for some variation from the norm.

Appearance: Light caramel colors permeate through the glass of this non-alcoholic beer offering. It forms a bubbly foam top that quickly dissipates when poured.

Smell: It's definitely hop forward, with some sweet toasty malty smells lingering in the background.

Taste: Have you ever had a session IPA? If you have, then the taste of this non-alcoholic brew will definitely be familiar. However, there's a difference. In session IPA's the flavor tends to be more akin to a watered down version of the original product. Lagunitas IPNA does not taste like that. For starters, the hops are a lot more forward when you take a sip. So there's no "watery taste" to the IPNA. The slight sweetness of the malt mingles with the bitterness of the hops, producing a pleasant experience to the palate. It finishes with lingering bitterness, reminiscent of the aforementioned session IPA's. We'd recommend you NOT pour the non-alcoholic beer into a glass and instead drink it straight from the bottle. If you want to pour it out, make sure to not pour center glass as too much gas can escape and make the IPNA taste flat, which is no bueno.

Marketing: The Lagunitas logo is clearly and proudly visible on the bottle. Large IPNA letter's with the "N" clearly standing out (for the non-alcoholic part) dominate the label, with the Non-Alcoholic IPA announcement dutifully below it. There's no mistake you're drinking a non-alcoholic brew. There's no mistake it's from Lagunitas. We believe that's a good thing for the non-alcoholic beverage market.

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