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Modern Times Brewery - Diamond Drive DIPA

What a year we've had. It's been rough mustering up the strength to stay consistent with everything going on in the world. However, all good things come to those who wait. The Beer Brothers are back with more brief and informative beer reviews. This week, we're reviewing something we picked up at BevMo. Modern Times' Diamond Drive double IPA had our taste buds transported away to a tropical paradise. It's a bit sweet, a bit hoppy. Both flavor profiles blend well and mask the 8% ABV of this DIPA quite effectively. It's a sipping beer though, having more than a couple will knock even the most seasoned beer enthusiast out.

Appearance: Juicy golden IPA tones that reminded us a bit of honey are prominent colors throughout this beer. It pours a thick, foamy head that lingers.

Smell: Sweet and lightly hoppy. There are definite tropical smells emanating from this DIPA.

Taste: If you've been reading, you'll guess the initial flavor profile. Sweet and hoppy. It's sweet like a good mead though. There are some sugary notes in the initial taste, followed by mellow and pleasing hops that smooth out the initial sweetness. It's very slightly bitter at the end, but to be fair the beer benefits greatly from it. All this allows the alcohol taste to be virtually non existent. A bit dangerous if you're not watching your intake.

Marketing: Diamond Drive, diamond hands we assume. All joking aside, green and gold set us up for a hops/honey combination in our heads. This beer definitely delivers in that regard. Enjoy this sweet, hoppy beverage as our days become longer and warmer.

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