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Modern Times Fruitlands - Sour Tropical Fruit Gose

Modern Times in San Diego, California has brewed a sour tropical fruit gose for their Fruitlands series. It's a light and refreshing 4.8% ABV sour guava and passion fruit gose. The name might seem like a mouthful, but the flavor profiles are so adequately described that we'd be hard-pressed to call this beer anything OTHER than a sour guava and passion fruit gose. Now when it comes to sours, we're a bit cautious. We're fans of some sours, but this Beer Brother in particular isn't a fan of ALL sours. A little tang goes a long way in his opinion, and unfortunately some breweries tend to go overboard into Mega Warheads territory with it. However, have no fear fellow beer enthusiast! This delightfully light alternative-to-IPA's beer is just the right amount of sour and tropical to rile up your tastebuds without puckering your cheeks.

Appearance: It's a hue reminiscent of hazy IPA's, but the color palette is not quite the same. It's almost like if you added a lager to a a peach mimosa. That's what we're going with. There's very, very slight pink hue in there as well. It forms a very airy and bubbly head that quickly dissipates.

Smell: From the initial pour, the predominant smell is fruit. Predominantly passion fruit and guava. There is also a hint of a tangy bite in the smell that gets those salivary glands going.

Taste: The first taste is the most important one when tasting a beer. That initial gulp will lay down the foundation and expectations for the rest of the tasting experience. The passion fruit and guava come through well, and they combine masterfully with the malty and sour saltiness of the gose. Throughout the taste, you'll get these two flavors playing with each other. Neither want to win, rather they elevate themselves to something more than just a "good beer". At the end there's a bit of sourness left over, but it's not pucker inducing and it leaves just as quickly as it arrives.

Marketing: Modern Times have regaled us with a clean can aesthetic ever since we can remember. However, we found the color palette in this can to be extremely playful. The rind colors of the passionfruit and the meat of the guava are both in full display. We also found a slight pink hue in our beer as mentioned above, so we found the pink on the can to adequately represent the product contained within.

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