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Modern Times - Proxima Hazy IPA

Modern Times from San Diego has brewed up a tasty and complex 7.5% ABV hazy IPA. To us, Proxima is a mash-up of different beers and different seasons. The flavors and smells combine wonderfully to form an interestingly pleasing and downright enjoyable beer. This beer looks, smells, and tastes just like the time between seasons. The upfront bright tropical notes reminded us of juicy and fruit beers of spring and summer, while the bitter hops throughput and finish reminded us of strong double IPA's we like to drink on cold winter days. Not too light, not too strong. This beer is a precariously balanced offering.

Appearance: Have you every watched a nature show where lava is rushing down the side of a volcano? Did you every wonder what that lava would taste like if you snuck a taste? Third degree burns aside, this beer is what that lava would taste like. Its orange hue is both noticeable and appealing; while the foam head formed when poured is thick and lasting.

Smell: We found that tropical fruit notes, oranges, and bright hops are the predominant smells in the initial pour. There's a vaguely noticeable boozy smell that comes through after that, but it's feint and doesn't overpower the rest of the smells in this beer.

Flavor: The initial taste is tropical and bright. It makes you think of the warmer days that peek through the dreariness of winter. However, after the initial taste comes the citrus and the hops. They offer a bitter contrast to the tropical sweetness. They are followed by a boozy taste that's strong but not overwhelming. It all finishes off with a slightly oily and bitter mouthfeel that stays around for dinner but doesn't ask to sleep on the couch.

Marketing: Proxima is the star closest to the sun. It also means next in Latin. If you've been reading our review, you'll see that this beer encompasses both those definitions. The can design is a combination of MOD culture from the 60's and Sci-Fi designs from that same era. The can design also offers a peak as to what's inside; as it depicts bright notes intertwined with dark ones.

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