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Modern Times - Star Cloud Hazy IPA

Modern Times in San Diego, CA has really outdone themselves. Their Star Cloud Hazy IPA comes in at a modest 6.8% ABV, and is full of citra, motueka, cashmere, and centennial hops. More importantly, this beer is on the verge of dethroning this authors favorite hazy IPA, Belching Beaver's Digital Bath. This hazy IPA is so versatile, it's a perfect beer to enjoy (moderately) in pretty much any scenario. We tried it with home made fish tacos, delicious. We tried it with a cashew oriental style salad, perfect. We also tried it with some coal fired pizza, fantastic. No matter what you're up to this weekend (hopefully social distancing properly and wearing a face mask) this beer will accommodate your good times.

Appearance: This beer pours pale yellow with a slightly orange hue. It's definitely hazy, and it forms a modest head that doesn't linger for too long when poured.

Smell: This beer smells as if a pine tree and an orange tree reproduced. Complex odor waves emanate from the pour, beckoning you enticingly into that first taste.

Taste: This beer is all hops, all the time. The pine and citrus profile from the hops comes through exquisitely in that first taste. However, don't be fooled! The hops flavor is intense, but mellow throughout. The hops never overpower your palette to the point where you need to drink some water to wash off the bitterness at the end.

Marketing: The can is marketed with the classic Modern Times aesthetic. The colors are a teal/sea green combination that are meant to represent the flavor profile contained therein. For us, the message the marketing conveys is that the ocean meets the forest. Pretty damn apt if you ask us.

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