• Nick Mazmanian

Novo Brazil Brewing - Bossa Haze Seasonal Hazy Double IPA

Novo Brazil Brewing is based out of Chula Vista, CA. They have a multitude of beer offerings and we luckily came across this seasonal item from them. It's called Bossa Haze, and it's from Brazil...by way of California! Cracking open this cold hazy double IPA was a pleasant surprise, as was its 8.3% ABV. A delectable hazy IPA that makes the work of grilling burgers for a Superb Owl Bowl party in 53-degree weather a wonderful time rather than a chore. We think this hefty double IPA pairs well with fish, chicken, or pasta as its flavor would complement rather than depart from the meal's flavor offerings.

Appearance: Make no mistake, this is a hazy IPA, and you can see that plain as day when you pour into a glass as it makes the world beyond the transparent material vanish in a golden sandstorm of hops gone wild. Even after many sips and time have passed, the consistency of this beer stays stable with its gradient of sandy white to a crispy golden brown.

Smell: Hops away! The first thing that will hit your nose is hops in this beverage as they are wrapped in a warm winter jacket of citrus sweetness. As the beer progresses down toward the bottom, more of that sweetness will come out until it seems more like cotton candy and hops.

Taste: This hazy IPA shows up to the party as soon as it hits your mouth. The aromatics soften the initial hit of bitterness from a light touch of citrus that runs underneath this hazy's malt body.

Marketing: It's a neato can! It has some definite influence from the flag of Brazil as the entire can uses that color pallet to make itself pop-out from the shelves. The neatest element is the Tucan in the middle that almost looks like a yin-yang symbol because I thought it was it until I looked at the can just now and saw it.

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