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Sam Adams - Just the Haze Non Alcoholic Hazy IPA

Sam Adams holds a special place in beer hierarchy for us. It was the first craft type beer we tried and loved. Since it was only available in San Diego County (and Kasper lived in Imperial County), three hour trips to the coast routinely ended with a large shipment of the Sam Adams brew coming back to the valley. Now, 20 or so years later, Sam Adams makes its way back to our hearts by offering a deliciously refreshing take on the non-alcoholic IPA. We had ours while barbecuing in our back yard with the warm California sun fiercely letting its presence known. It's a bright and juicy non-alcoholic IPA. Granted it says that straight on the can, but as such no one would accuse Sam Adams of false advertising in our opinion. It's a bit on the sweeter side compared to other non-alcoholic IPA's we're going to be reviewing, so keep that in mind.

Appearance: A hazy pale yellow liquid fills the glass. The foam head is bountiful when poured directly into the middle of a pint glass.

Smell: Have you ever deeply inhaled a juicy IPA and though to yourself "I really want to take a bath in this". No? Just us? Well, this non-alcoholic IPA certainly invites you to do just that. Fruity notes come up from the glass, with intermingled hops giving it just the right piney tones.

Taste: Like we said above, Just the Haze leans towards the sweeter side. Most juicy, hazy IPA's have that particular flavor profile but the alcohol tends to help cut the sweetness. In this case, since we don't have the alcohol to assist, the sweetness should be cut with food. We were having some spicy pistachios while we grilled, and that did the job nicely. We also envision this brew to pair nicely with vinaigrettes and other acidic foods.

Marketing: A summery design accurately portrays the juicy ray of sunshine contained therein.

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