• Nick Mazmanian

Second Chance Beer Co.- Over-The-Line Lager

The days of spring are drawing near, and so too are the warm afternoons outside by the barbecue with friends, family, and smoked meat. A beer that is light, flavorful, and not made by any lager monarchy is required to attend. Thankfully, the shackles of the lager world have been cast off with this 5.2% ABV affair from Second Chance Beer Co. called Over-The-Line Lager. A lager that is rock solid and built to be consumed multiple times in the span of half an hour, and how dare you judge us? It's spring! Let's get sprung!

Appearance: It's a lager. It is golden, transparent, and its foamy head has some large bubble formations when poured vigorously.

Smell: An excellent mixture of malt and a hint of sweetness fills the glass and the nose. This sweetness isn't sickening or off-putting, but rather a pleasant partner in crime.

Taste: The bubbles make this airy experience a lot of fun. The carbonation isn't too much as it makes the beer feel light in the mouth rather than a syrupy affair. Accompanying this effervescent experience is the taste of malt that is mixed in precisely with the bubbles. The aftertaste is similar to drinking spring water with a lot of gas and way more flavor. It's enjoyable without dominating the palate, and this is why we suggest pairing it with chicken, fish, or a tubular meat of choice.

Marketing: Second Chance Beer Co. has a lovely color scheme on this can that feels like spring and summer days. It also comes with a fun story about where the name of their lager originated. If you're wondering what that story is, you'll have to grab a can and check it out. No spoilers here!

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