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Second Chance Beer Co - Seize the IPA

Second Chance Beer Co from San Diego, CA has already been reviewed by The Beer Brothers. We took a look at their porter offering, which we found to be absolutely delicious. This time around, we took a look at Second Chance Brew Co's IPA offering, the 6.5% ABV Seize the IPA. This IPA is crisp and refreshing, and it paired quite well with the vegetarian pizza we tried it with. Drinking this concoction made us reminisce of sitting down on a wooden bench in our backyards on warm spring and summer days in SoCal; drinking a cold IPA as the smells of freshly cut grass and blooming pear blossoms waft through the neighborhood.

Appearance: The amber golden hues of a traditional IPA are instantly recognizable from the initial pour. It forms a nice thick head that slowly dissipates as the beer sits.

Smell: This beer seizes your senses as soon as you place your nose close to it. Fresh and citrusy hops waft throughout your nose as soon as you near the glass to your face to take a sip. It's such a clean and bright smell that it makes you want to dive face first into a giant vat of the hops used to brew this beer.

Taste: So here's the thing about IPA's. They can either be too hoppy upfront and give way to too much bitterness in the back, or they can just be bitter throughout the tasting experience. This beer is neither. This beer is just the right combination of hoppy and bitterness throughout the palate, and ends with a slight bitter-citrusy tang that is refreshingly pleasing.

Marketing: The logo and overall aesthetic of this can reminded us of a speakeasy bar. The colors reflect the hoppy green goodness contained therein. There's no doubt about the piney robustness of the IPA you're about to indulge in.

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