• Nick Mazmanian

Second Chance Beer Co.- Tabula Rasa Porter

Tabula Rasa is the theory that the human mind comes blank. That everything it learns is from external stimuli, and no personality is pre-built into it. It couldn't be a better name for this 6.2% ABV porter from Second Chance Beer Co from San Diego. We could not tell you the last time we had a porter this good. It's balanced in absolutely every way possible. It's also an excellent pairing with heavy meat dishes, and it's also pretty tasty with some chocolatey dessert.

Appearance: Tabula Rasa is dark as night and creates an impenetrable liquid inside any container it comes across. It does create a nice, creamy head when poured. The foamy goodness lingers a bit, but it doesn't stick around for the main event.

Smell: Malt hits your nose like a boxer in the thirteenth round, forceful, but not so much that it destroys you. There are chocolate and coffee notes all throughout. Trailing in the malty wake are hints of vanilla that give off a sweet aroma.

Taste: A mixture of malt and nutty tones hit the flavor palette first. They are crisp and heavy at the same time, which makes for a pleasant experience while drinking it. The aftertaste is a note of chocolate smoke and coffee that is bitterly pleasing to the palate.

Marketing: The can presents a font choice that says, 'Hey, I've been around a long time, and I am a dependable sort.' without feeling like it's a hack job. It is simple, readable, and pleasant to the eye. The dark can correctly identifies the porter contained therein. These color choices, in conjunction with a clean layout, make the can feel like Second Chance Beer Co is a trustworthy company that provided its employees with a pension and maybe gave them a gold pocket watch at some point. It's a fantasy, but man, we like it.

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