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The Hop Concept - Tropical & Juicy IPA

The Hop Concept is a San Marco based brewery that crafts four IPA's that are available only once a year. They have a Dank & Sticky, Citrus & Piney, Lemon & Grassy, and Tropical & Juicy offerings. We tried their canned version of the Tropical & Juicy IPA. We'll be the first to admit that this beer probably belongs better categorized under a Double IPA due to its 8.5% ABB, but we'll go with the flow. The beer is refreshing and crisp and would go well even with heavy proteins. The smell and the flavor of fresh hops and fruit comes through harmoniously in this excellent beer.

Appearance: When poured, this IPA has the traditional amber gold hues of west coast IPA's. It forms a nice, thick foamy head that sits for a while after poured.

Smell: True to its name, there's a ton of fruity and hoppy notes that hit your nose straight away. The fruit and the hops complement each other well and don't compete for your olfactory attention.

Taste: Three words, fruity bitter deliciousness. The taste of fruit comes through cleanly in the initial tase. Then, the bitterness of the hops punches through the sweetness and creates a wonderful amalgamation of flavor. At the very end, there is a slightly fruity and bitter aftertaste that is quite pleasing to the palate. The 8.5% ABV is never the prominent flavor in this beer.

Marketing: Simple and clear. The Tropical & Juicy can makes it abundantly clear of what's contained inside. The red label invokes of tropical sunsets, and the giant hop right smack dab in the middle gives fair warning to the juicy deliciousness contained therein.

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