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Three Weavers Brewing - Cloud City Hazy IPA

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Three Weavers Brewing, based out of Inglewood in CA, released in 2020 this tropicalisimo 6.5% ABV hazy IPA. If you're a fan of juicy IPA's this one is definitely for you. We found Cloud City Hazy IPA in our local supermarket and of course decided to give it a try. Boy are we every glad we did. This hazy IPA is chock-full of tropical IPA goodness. It's juicy and floral, with just the right amount of body and bitterness. It was a great addition to our 4th of July weekend alongside the traditional lagers reserved for warm outside celebrations. It's certainly a very crushable beer, but be warned brave adventurer, you might find yourself drinking an entire six-pack of this refreshing brew (please enjoy your beer responsibly).

Appearance: No doubt about this beer being a hazy IPA. It's pale straw color, mimics the traditional color of other IPA's. The haziness in the glass in the picture above doesn't come from condensation. When poured, it forms a nice, thick head that lingers through the initial taste.

Smell: We promised tropical in our introductory paragraph, and you're going to get tropical from this beer. The predominant smells are grapefruit and mango, with peaches coming in subtly underneath it all. The hops are there as well, but they combine with the other smells rather than overpower them.

Taste: In keeping in line with our tropical theme, we're going to say that this beer dances the Lambada on your tastebuds. The citrus and mango are the first tastes that come through, followed by the juicy, citrusy notes of hops we all know and love. The peaches are there, but they're very faint and mostly come through at the very end.

Marketing: Here's the only part where we were visibly confused. From the dark green colors of the can, we were expecting something piney, hoppy, with bitter undertones. We'd have liked the can to contain brighter, more tropical colors, like Burgeon Beer's Juice Press IPA for example. It's OK though, we still thought that the Celtic knots and cloud designs on the can were pretty cool.

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