• Nick Mazmanian

Two Pitchers Brewing Company- Radler Lager

Pandemic is gripping the land and so we decided to try something that was truly puzzling, a lager with grapefruit and blood orange. San Francisco based Two Pitchers Brewing Company is an outfit we've never heard of and their offering of a 5.1% ABV lager with heavy fruit notes piqued our curiosity. Grabbing a sixer of it, we then huddled inside our cobbled together homes with our combined twenty children who we now have to educate because schools are closed till fall and cracked the liquid offering open. It's golden color seeming to be the only light at the end of the tunnel.

Appearance: Upon first glance, this beer could be mistaken for a hazy IPA, with its cloudy display inside the glass. A heavy pour will create a head that is foamy, but light, and dissipates quickly.

Smell: The acids from the grapefruit and blood orange are smoothed over by the hops in this drink. They are at the forefront and do not mind telling you they are the party in this beer.

Taste: It's crisp like a lager, but that's where the similarities end. The fruit notes of the two aforementioned fruits are front and center. Their involvement makes the experience a blast to drink albeit a little confusing as that is usually hefeweizen land. It has a clean aftertaste that isn't sour or bitter as some fruit-infused offerings from the past have yielded. In the end, it's a good beer that's fun and worth trying.

Marketing: With a drawing that feels like it is straight out of an issue of Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer, the can says it all. It's goofy and acknowledges it's German beer roots but adds a bit of zaniness to it. The font is bold but it fits with the theme of the can and it's what initially drew us to it in the cold case at the store.

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