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Wavelength Brewing Co - Grapefruit IPA

Wavelength Brewing is located in downtown Vista, CA. We wandered in there after their space/science themed storefront caught our eye. We tried a couple of their beers, and they were all good, but their 6.7% ABV grapefruit IPA captivated our taste buds. We paired this beer offering with some corn tortilla quesadillas with spicy salsa at home and we can say that the two paired pretty darn well. We were also tickled by their slogan: "So Good it Htz" and got ourselves a pint glass to go along with our crowler. Kudos to their marketing team.

Appearance: The traditional amber gold hue of traditional IPA's is complemented by an inherent brightness in this beer. It forms quite a nice, frothy head when poured that dissipates gradually as it stands.

Smell: Bright hops and citrus are the main smells that come through. The grapefruit is there, although it's faint and not a straightforward punch to the nose. Take a grapefruit and smell the skin. That faint bitter, oily, citrusy smell are the notes you'll find in this beer.

Taste: When this beer hits your tastebuds the citrusy hops will be the first thing that comes through. After the initial taste the bitterness of the hops and grapefruit come through. The grapefruit is there to smooth out the bitterness of the hops, and it accomplish its task flawlessly.

Marketing: We got a crowler that carries the logo of Wavelength Brewing Co. The company is shamelessly geared towards science and nerd culture in general, and we see no problem with that. As we said before, their tagline of "So Good it Htz" made us chuckle enough that we just had to get a pint glass with it on it.

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